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At Animal Emergency and Pet Care Clinic of the High Country, we love hearing from our clients. It gives us such joy to know that our hard work is appreciated! We have shared some of our favorites with you here. If you would like to share your own testimonial about our care, please contact us today.

Patient Testimonials

Find out what our patients have to say about our care!


I had a small growth on my shoulder that I wasn't too worried about but my Dad was - he took me in to have the mass removed and they also found a cracked tooth that I've had for several years from chewing on a bone. That tooth has been bothering me for a while but I couldn't tell anyone. They extracted the tooth while I was under anesthesia and it feels much better now - thanks Dr. Byrnes! The growth turned out to be a benign fatty mass - so it was a good day all around!
"Chena" Linzey

It’s easy to say ‘thank you’—what’s difficult to do is express the many special thoughts behind our thanks to you!!! Thank you, Dr. David... I really am feeling much better. With a little R&R and rehab, I feel my prognosis is doggone good. Thank you for your time and expertise…We all send love!
Love, Cojo and Family

Can’t thank you enough for all your loving care—your pulled me through and now I’m loving life! Enjoy the photos—I will never forget you!
Love, Shadow

Thanks to Dr. Linzey and staff from the tip of my tail you guys are the best.
Woof, Woof! Gixer

Client Testimonials

Find out what our clients have to say about our service!


I would like for you all to know how much we appreciate you all (The entire staff) that we dealt with. Dr Edwards, Dr Beard I know we talked to. If I have missed someone, I am sorry, but even so-everyone was so gentle to Tink. Everyone was extremely kind, thoughtful of Tink and his injuries and to us as to his stressed family. I cannot express the thoughtfulness and great Customer Service we received with updates during the day from the Doctors and calls when deemed necessary as we were in Wilkes and working. When we came up at night-we were welcomed right in.

Tink is doing well due to the great care given to him and we are very appreciative to everyone there.. I would recommend anyone to you guys for emergency care.
D’Lynn Chambers

Our beloved Bloodhound, Fletcher, whom we adopted as a senior, travels with us between our home in Texas and Boone, NC. In April of 2015 we had just arrived in Boone late at night. Fletcher was ready for his usual meal and ate it normally but shortly after eating he began to show signs of what all large-breed dog owners fear: bloat and/or GDV. I tried to calm him while praying for the symptoms to resolve and my fear to become just an over reaction, but reality set in firmly-this was the mother of all dog emergencies and it was late Sunday night. We drove the long thirteen miles from our home to the Boone Emergency Animal Clinic praying and holding him. It was bad enough to have such a life or death situation occurring but now we had to put Fletcher's life in unknown hands. I was beside myself with fear and angst yet I knew his only hope was surgical intervention. Dr. Sara Anderson was on duty that night and confirmed our worst fears-GDV with bloat. There were no options-nothing to do but put Fletcher's life into Dr. Anderson's hands...well, we are here to tell you that Dr. Anderson that night gave Fletcher a chance to live with her skillful surgery and care. And with the additional care and wisdom of Dr. Sulike and Dr. Edwards, Fletcher survived "the mother of all dog emergencies" thanks to Dr. Anderson's intervention that night. Fletcher, today, is a bouncy, happy Bloodhound and we count Boone Emergency Pet Clinic in our blessings and give thanks for the staff and doctors. With Gratitude for each of you in all that you did to help Fletcher through a life or death situation.
Nancy and Britt

We had a very scary situation after our dog got into and consumed a large quantity of Rimadyl. We were in West Jefferson on vacation and were 3 hours away from home. Dr. Edwards and staff got Daisy in right away and started to work. We had to drive back to Raleigh that evening and hated to leave our beloved dog, but we had to take someone traveling with us back home. Dr. Edwards kept us updated and even sent us texts and photos of Daisy, so we could see that she was OK. I drove back to get Daisy the next morning and was thrilled to walk in and see my happy dog! I highly recommend this facility and, though I hope I don't need to, would not hesitate to use them again.
Crystal Welch

We could never say thanks enough to you, Dr. Linzey and staff, for your excellent treatment of our ‘child.’ We were out of town visiting and had no idea what was going on with Dixie or what to expect and your hospital treated us better than our home vet. Thanks for being there and you’re our heroes!
The Metots

Animal Emergency & Pet Care Clinic of the High Country, Thank you very much for giving Marco Polo exemplary care and service for his dental cleaning and extractions. I know pet owners can probably be much more difficult than your patients…thanks for understanding my concerns!
Fondly, Karen Church

Thank you so much for the good care you took with Minnie. I believe you saved her life. Minnie had her stitches out yesterday and she’s doing quite well. She also had some ultrasounds and they all looked good (except for that spot in her spine which you showed me, Dr. Linzey.) Anyway, all is well and I’m thankful that I brought her in to see you.
Phyllis Zimmerman

We would like to thank you for the kind and loving care you gave to our little Chihuahua Angie. Unfortunately, Angie did not survive her surgery in Greensboro and we are heartbroken. We know that you gave her the best care possible and we greatly appreciate it. It is so good to know that you are there when our beloved animals need you.
Sincerely, Bill and Rachel Jolly

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the vet who took care of my little Penelope on Sunday, April 17. Penelope was with us for only 3 years, but she had a huge part of my heart. I was too distraught to take her in to the clinic on that morning, so my husband did. I know in my heart that I needed to put her needs over my own. Thank you for the care and grace you have shown her.

To the wonderful staff,
10 days ago we visited you with our beloved CoCo. He was suffering so—we all were—and you treated him and my family with the most gentle and loving concern. I can’t tell you how much your kindness and generosity helped ease our pain. Thank you. Thank you.
Warmest Regards, Cheryl Westbrooke and boys

Dear Dr. Linzey,
Thank you so much for sponsoring Dog Jog 2010 and for helping to make it a great event this year. The animals appreciate as well as the Dog Jog committee and the Watauga Humane Society.
Dog Jog Chairs, Bencita Brooks, Kathie Belly, and Rachel Jolly

I was telling my family about your amazing abilities that saved my Tee. But then cared about us all and assisted me in getting both my boys’ shots: all in today’s world of business you hardly find such talented, compassionate people. Thank you very much.

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my Charlie last week. It is nice to know that there is a place to go with wonderful vets when you need them most. Thank you again for helping Charlie get better!
Heidi Williams

Dear Dr. Linzey,
Thank you very much for fixing Jack’s front right leg. He is resting comfortably by the fireplace.

Dr. Linzey and Dr. Cooper,
Words cannot express how very grateful we are for your quick response with regard to our baby “Sassy.” Had it not been for your knowledge and the referral to the Veterinary Hospital in Raleigh, Sassy would have died. We are delighted to learn that you are now a full service vet and that you agree to take both Sassy and Peaches as new clients. Thank you again for your continued support and concern as Sassy continues to heal and become herself again. We all look forward to having a long and healthy life for our “girls.”
Marlene, Danny, Sassy, and Peaches Dillard

To Animal Emergency & Pet Care Clinic of the High Country,
Thank you so much for your support in the 2010 RDDA Less Fork, More Food 5k Race. With your help we were able to host a successful event! Hope to see you again next year.
Nealie Tebb

Dear Dr. Linzey,
Just wanted to thank you so very much for your help with my dog “Caleb.” It took you no time at all to zero in on the abscess behind his right eye. He is doing so much better. P.S. You are an outstanding vet!
A million thanks! Gabrielle and Caleb Eno

We just wanted to thank you all for everything you have done for Maggie. Your caring and patience has helped us during the last two weeks.
Angela, Richard, and Maggie Watts

Animal Emergency Clinic Staff,
We can’t express our appreciation for all you did for Baily, enough! We were afraid we were going to lose her and probably would have without the care you all provided. Everyone was very compassionate and caring. She is doing much better. Still on the prednisone and azathioprine and the bleeding has stopped. Thank you!
Ron, Tyra, and Bailey Dawson

Dr. Linzey,
Thank you for helping my dog with his tail injury while we were on vacation in Boone. I am happy to say Hutch’s tail has made a full recovery! Thank you.
Rachel Espinosa

Thank you!
To Dr. Messenger and Everyone at the Animal Emergency Clinic – We are so grateful for the terrific care you gave Oscar during his surgery and hospital stay. He is like a brand new kitty and we are so lucky and happy we will have him around for many more years!
Chris and Stephanie Blaha

Dear Dr. Linzey,
Thank you again for “doing all that is possible” for Bambi and considering and researching the “road less traveled” for his problems!!!
Forever grateful, Bambi’s Mom Lindi Lucas

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